Ransomware: A Global Wake-Up Call

I’m sure you have all heard about the WannaCry virus trending in the news the past few weeks. WannaCry is a strain of ransomware that was used in a global cyberattack. As of today over 300,000 computers and counting have been affected worldwide. Companies of all types and sizes have found that their systems and files were suddenly inaccessible, while hackers demanded payment within one week of infection.

This growing exposure trend continues without any sign of letting up. The article linked below (provided by Sedgwick LLP) provides excellent advice on steps your firm can take to help mitigate one of the fastest and most frequent exposures we see come across our desks and those of our underwriting partners.

Post active-loss discussions can only address what could have been done and what should be done in the future. But what are you doing to prevent losses right now?

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