Our own Kelley L. Milks will be speaking to the Santa Barbara / Ventura Section of the Greater Los Angeles Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators on Wednesday, August 23, 2017 about Cyber Liability Insurance.

Kelley’s presentation entitled, “The Wild West of Cyber Liability: What You Need To Know”, will cover the History of Privacy, Cyber Liability, Policy Endorsements, and Exclusions you should review carefully. Kelley will help you answer whether your existing policies cover this unique exposure to Cyber threats. Kelley will also explain what you should do before you explore buying coverage and what to know about your existing coverage.

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A crisis can strike a business at any given moment. Following the 10 tips noted in the article linked below will help you to quickly contain the crisis and recover from its impact.

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No attorney wants to have a malpractice claim made against them or have their work criticized by a client. However, taking the right steps immediately following the assertion of a claim or potential claim, can go a long way to reducing it’s impact, to correct the problem or even prevent a formal claim from being made. So what should you do when you believe your client might be making a formal claim against you?

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Spring is the perfect time to take a fresh look at firm practices, including the firm’s prospective client intake procedures. Effectively evaluating a prospective client should determine whether they belong in the “keep” or “toss” box!

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I’m sure you have all heard about the WannaCry virus trending in the news the past few weeks. WannaCry is a strain of ransomware that was used in a global cyberattack. As of today over 300,000 computers and counting have been affected worldwide. Companies of all types and sizes have found that their systems and files were suddenly inaccessible, while hackers demanded payment within one week of infection.

This growing exposure trend continues without any sign of letting up. The article linked below (provided by Sedgwick LLP) provides excellent advice on steps your firm can take to help mitigate one of the fastest and most frequent exposures we see come across our desks and those of our underwriting partners.

Post active-loss discussions can only address what could have been done and what should be done in the future. But what are you doing to prevent losses right now?

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Wildfire season is upon us once again. This article from The Hartford provides some general guidance for building owners with respect to occupying structures that have been subjected to extensive smoke from wildfires, but not involved with the fire itself.

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It is Friday night after a long work week and an attorney has stopped off at the local watering hole. She makes her way to the bar and recognizes an old law school classmate whom she has not seen in years. He has apparently had a few cocktails and waves for her to come join him. He offers her a celebratory drink and says, “Come celebrate my big score, 7 digit bill in a simple uncontested matter.” As he celebrates and clinks her drink to his “clueless client”, she wonders if she has an ethical duty to report his billing misconduct.

What is your duty to report another lawyer under Rule 8.3?

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This month’s newsletter will cover the ADA interactive process, the new I-9, and why training employees is good for retention.

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