The mobile law practice is on the rise. Review these tips to help your firm mitigate risk related to laptop security and your firm’s mobile workforce.

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Lawyers run the risk of breaching their duty to provide competent representation if they ignore social media platforms and yet the misuse of social media in investigation and fact-gathering and in preserving evidence presents serious professional responsibility issues. This article provides an overview of how social media affects the practice of law and how attorneys should address these issues.

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When it comes to unrepresented individuals who are party to a transaction or litigation, clarifying representation is very important. This article provides an answer to the question, how does a non-engagement letter protect us from claims?

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Every law firm that is organized on a “for profit” basis professes to strive to maximize profits. Too often, however, lawyers equate maximizing profits with simply maximizing billable hours, ignoring realization rates (the percentage of dollars actually collected divided by the dollar amount billed), as well as the cost side of the equation.

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The recession of the last few years has caused many law firms to reevaluate their expenses. While thoughtful frugality can help keep a firm on solid financial footing, too much cost-cutting could put a firm in jeopardy.

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Executive Profile of AHERN Insurance Brokerage President and CEO, W. Brian Ahern.

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The practice of law is extraordinarily difficult. No matter the area of practice, attorneys need to process a dizzying array of information, synthesize it in a coherent fashion, and then exercise sound judgment on behalf of their clients. While zero errors should be the goal, lawyers are (alas) human, and mistakes will be made.

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Ahern Insurance Brokerage, one of the largest full-service insurance brokerage firms specializing in the insurance needs of law firms, has founded a scholarship program, through an endowment, for University of San Diego (USD) students.

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The issue of driver distractions is an increasing fleet safety issue. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration driver distraction is a factor in 80% of crashes. The significant increase in cellular phone use has served as the catalyst for the growing interest and overall problem of driver distractions.

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Given law firms’ fluid real estate needs, they often find themselves with either too much or too little space. When a firm has unused offices, it often makes good sense to sub-let to sole practitioners, resulting in a classic “win-win.” The solo is able to access the larger firm’s professional office space and infrastructure at a reasonable cost, and the firm receives rent payments to help defray its fixed costs.

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