Additional Program Highlights:

  • Flat renewal for 1 year
  • Premium credits for members of the firm that are certified specialist
  • Claims expense outside of limit, 50% of per claim limit up to 1m
  • Automatic Renewal – no app
  • Topical risk management email plus annual webinar
  • Credits applied for claim free firms in addition no claims $10,000 or more incurred loss
  • Aggregate deductible available
  • Direct bill option of 4 payments (25% down) plan with no additional fees

We invite you to compare some of the program highlights below to your current carrier’s offering:

– A+ rated , one of the broadest policy forms in the market
– A flat premium renewal for the first year
– Premium credits applied to the entire firm based on your certified specialist designation
– Topical risk management emails plus an annual webinar at no cost
– Interest free direct bill option of 4 payments and 25% down
– No renewal application

Policy Specifics:

  • Selection of counsel endorsement for all firms
  • Individual Tail Option available anytime, flat $1,500 per attorney
  • 50% Reduced Deductible for settlement of claim within 30 days after Mediation (subject to $25,000 max)  – 5 ways to reduce deductible via collaborative defense – including usage of a properly executed engagement letter for the matter leading to the claim
  • Pre-Claim Expense
  • Prior Knowledge as of First Policy Issued by Insurer to Firm (instead of Inception of Current Policy)
  • Pro Bono Services – 25k First Dollar Defense , deductible applies after
  • Malicious Prosecution included within Personal Injury
  • Loss of Earnings Coverage ($500/$10,000/$50,000); Deductible does not apply
  • Disciplinary Proceedings $50k/$100k no deductible
  • Broad Definition of Professional Services, as Lawyer, Arbitrator, Mediator, Lobbyist, Notary Public, Title Agent, Administrator, Executor, Trustee, Publisher, Bar Board Member, etc.
  • Independent Contractors/Of Counsels covered
  • Tail Options 1, 2, 3, 6, unlimited
  • Free Retirement Tail after 3 years with Insurer and No Minimum Age Requirement
  • Individual Tail Option available anytime, flat $1,500 per attorney
  • Free Death/Disability Tail
  • Worldwide Territory (suit brought against insured in US, territories or possessions, Puerto Rico or Canada)
  • Spouse/Domestic Partner Coverage
  • Risk Management Hotline – staffed by AttPro risk management attorneys, not a 3rd party firm
  • Subpoena Assistance Coverage, up to $25k per policy, no deductible