Raymond Patenaude

We have utilized Shawn and AHERN for a number of years for property, malpractice, worker’s comp and other types of insurance. AHERN shops multiple carriers and has located good, reasonable coverage for us. They have a good understanding of the insurance market especially for those certain policies and issues that are unique to our business. AHERN and Shawn’s team have worked well with our staff whether in HR, Accounting or other departments to assist in organizing renewals and making sure that we are ahead of the game for renewals and proper coverage. Additionally, they have made a special effort to ensure that our management team has all the endorsements, policies and information necessary to provide to our clients and business relations who require proof of insurance. Shawn and AHERN have made an effort to learn and understand the unique insurance challenges that we have in our area of practice and have been able to provide creative solutions. They are committed to making sure we get the best possible coverage for the best price.

– Raymond Patenaude, Chief Executive Officer / Partner, Patenaude & Felix, APC

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