Sophisticated law firms proactively integrate risk management into their practices, recognizing that doing so substantially lowers the probability of facing costly malpractice claims and ethics complaints. AHERN’s Corporate Counsel works with our clients to aid this effort on a customized, firm-specific basis. Examples of available services include presentations of acclaimed Continuing Legal Education (CLE) seminars for ethics credit, as well as loss prevention practice management assessments. Professional liability insurers are paying increasing attention to the risk management protocols of their insured law firms. Moreover, these value added services can provide an excellent leverage point when negotiating terms with the various carriers as well as assisting the firm with its efficiency, customer services and revenue maximization.

Claims Advocacy

An integral part of AHERN’s services that goes beyond placing coverage is providing our clients with knowledgeable counsel in connection with claims. While a legal malpractice claim is an unusual and potentially severely disruptive event for any law firm, AHERN’s brokers have worked through several thousand of such claims at this point in their careers. Our clients benefit from that collective wisdom and experience (as well as AHERN’s Corporate Counsel with extensive insurance coverage experience) by receiving strategic administrative services, advice, and relationship management, always with the goal of helping to maximize our clients’ claim recovery.

AHERN Advantage

  • Risk Management Consulting
  • Claims Advocacy
  • Counsel Vetting and Selection
  • Tailored Continuing Legal Education
  • Risk Management Assessments
  • Free 30-Minute Legal Ethics Consultation by Klinedinst PC

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